Hate Group Leader Calls on Trump to Lead Witch-Hunt of Pro-LGBT Officials

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins is the leader of a hate group and it comes as no surprise then that he looks to Trump to push his own hate-filled agenda. According to Perkins, writing at FRC’s “Washington Update,” “Foreign officials have complained about the strong arming by the State Department to forcing them to accept its liberal view on social issues.”

And he wants Trump to do something about it: time for a witch-hunt. Because letting people act in ways contrary to his religious beliefs is, for Perkins, somehow an attack on religious freedom. Perkins calls it a “fundamental human right” but he seems to think it’s fundamental only for Evangelicals.

Perkins claims,

“I’ve personally heard the concerns from foreign ambassadors and frequently hear from Members of Congress who have received complaints for foreign officials over how the administration has linked foreign aid to the adoption of the State Department’s LGBTQ and pro-abortion agendas.”

Perkins singles out Obama as pursuing some sort of unholy agenda by promoting pro-LGBT policies most nations of the West agree is right. Far more countries support LGBT rights than oppose them. Which makes Perkins, not Obama, the outlier:

To carry out this extreme agenda, the Obama administration has systematically filled the ranks of State with LGBTQ and abortion activists. Unless the next secretary of state is willing to resist and remove this embedded agenda, the promotion and protection of true human rights, like religious liberty, will continue to languish.
It’s for this reason that I have raised concerns about the nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state. I certainly don’t see Tillerson cut from the same cloth as Clinton or Kerry, but he doesn’t have to be for these anti-life, liberal social policies to continue. He must have the courage to stop the promotion of this anti-family, anti-life agenda, which is very much a question mark given that he capitulated to activists pushing to liberalize the Boy Scouts’ policy on homosexuality when he was at the helm of the organization.
The incoming administration needs to make clear that these liberal policies will be reversed and the “activists” within the State Department promoting them will be ferreted out and will be replaced by conservatives who will ensure the State Department focuses on true international human rights like religious liberty which is under unprecedented assault.

What was it Bill O’Reilly just told us the other day? Don’t like something, ignore it? It was a laughable idea coming from a conservative then and it remains so today because conservatives are the last people to show a willingness to ignore something they don’t like.

You would think Tony Perkins would do what Jesus said and turn the other cheek, but no, that’s not going to happen. Turning the other cheek means turning your back on a chance to hate and persecute, and hate group leaders never give up a chance to hate.

In Trump, Perkins, and other Religious Right leaders have found an unlikely hero in their decades-long culture war and efforts to replace the First Amendment with what passes, in their minds at least, as the Bible.