It’s Crucial to Purge and Prosecute ‘Rogue’ FBI Agents Collaborating with Russia

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

Assessing election data is a time intensive task during the normal course of events, and if America wasn’t in the midst of a coup d’état conducted by a hostile foreign power and the nation’s top law enforcement agency, it would be acceptable to postpone assessing why a Russian collaborator is heading to the White House. However, acceptable or not, a Russian puppet is heading to the White House and there is overwhelming evidence that his trip to Washington was made possible by both Russian intervention and “rogue alt-right” agents within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Over the past two days there has been no small number of “reports” on exactly why Trump won an election he had no right being a part of, much less winning. The consensus is clear that the Putin-ordered espionage on behalf of Trump, and the FBI-created “October surprise” courtesy of Director James Comey eroded just enough electoral support for Hillary Clinton to give Russia and FBI rogues what they wanted, Donald Trump in the White House.

Clinton explained why Trump’s friend and ally Putin worked so hard to prevent her from winning the election. Ironically, it was because in 2011 she accused Putin of rigging Russian parliamentary elections to keep himself in power. She said:

At the same time, citizens of Russia were pouring into the streets to protest. . . . People who were outraged because they thought they were on a trajectory of greater freedom, greater opportunity, and they watched that, and they were appalled. Putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own people. And that is the direct line between what he said back then and what he did in this election.”

Now, what Putin did in directing the espionage against the United States was well known over at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For dog’s sake the “pro-Trumpalt-right rogue” contingency at the Bureau appears to have given information about the Russian hacking to Rudy Giuliani. Back in July Giuliani boasted, exactly one day after Trump appealed to the Kremlin for campaign aid, that he was certain the Russians were on the job and had already “acquired” the stolen data.

According to an in depth investigative article on Huffington Post, one touted as an “Outline of What Increasingly Exhibits the Hallmarks of a Criminal Conspiracy,” it reports that traitor Giuliani

Confessed on the Lars Larson radio program that current FBI agents working on the Clinton investigation had illegally leaked information to him about the Abedin emails before it became public and before Director Comey had been told of the emails, and, moreover, were intending to leak this information as a (in Giuliani’s words) pro-Trump ‘October Surprise,’ thereby establishing a political motive among a faction of the FBI.” (Author bold)

To make matters worse, Comey decided to leak the “unknown” information himself to beat those same rogue New York FBI agents who were planning to leak the “new” evidence; irrelevant evidence in the Anthony Weiner sexting case. Comey likely sought to protect the “rogue” agents by preventing them from committing an act that would be “violating numerous federal criminal statutes, and which plan to leak would already be regarded as a criminal conspiracy by law.”

As Hillary Clinton noted, and as the Huffington Post stated categorically; Comey’s “October surprise” was more than enough to put Trump in the White House. This is the conclusion of Nate Silver and many others.

It is all the more damning of an indictment against Comey and the anti-Clinton “rogues” in the FBI that they knew full well that Russia was working against Clinton on behalf of Trump, and then they joined Putin’s efforts to thwart her campaign and put Putin’s man in the Oval Office. As President Obama said, everyone knew the Russians were working for Trump, and in fact it was blatantly apparent because Trump openly called on his Russian spy friends to help him by committing espionage to portray Clinton as untrustworthy; something they did willingly to sate Putin’s thirst for vengeance against Hillary Clinton. As an aside, it is noteworthy that Putin’s puppet, Trump is renowned for being an extremely vindictive piece of work, so Americans have an idea of what kind of leader they just allowed Vladimir Putin and “rogue” FBI agents to install to “govern” them. In any other universe, this kind of installation is what Keith Olbermann and many, many other regard as a bloodless coup.

As Mr. Drum remarked, and any half-wit should comprehend by now, there were two “egregious interventions” in the Clinton campaign; first by Russian spies aiding Trump’s campaign, and then by the director of the FBI. Drum gives Comey unwarranted slack by claiming he “was motivated at least partly by his fear of a rogue group of agents who were dedicated to Clinton’s defeat;” rogue agents that should have been summarily fired and likely would have been if they weren’t aligned with Comey’s “politics.”

Mr. Comey knew his actions were wrong and indeed, the Justice Department had fairly warned him about an “unprecedented act of interference in an election.” Comey cannot claim interfering was not his intent, or that he didn’t know it was interfering in an election or appearing political. Remember, he claimed he didn’t comment on Trump’s Russia connection because it was too close to the election, in July, and he didn’t want to “interfere” or appear politically motivated.

No matter what Mr. Comey’s excuse or justification for aiding the Russians install Putin’s puppet in the White House,  “he knew exactly what he was doing… and went ahead in a manner perfectly calculated to do the maximum damage.” If for no other reason than for the sake of national security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs to be hastily purged of “rogue” agents and if applicable they must be prosecuted for criminal conspiracy; this includes their partisan director James Comey.

If it is discovered they were complicit in the Trump-Russia conspiracy, and knowingly aided a hostile foreign power’s leader, they must join their Republican cohorts and be charged with treason. They have committed a grave assault on, as Senator John McCain said “the pillar of our democracy;” something the American people likely once believed the FBI existed to defend.

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