The Next President Can’t Spell And 2 More Trump Traits That Are A National Embarrassment

Not only can president-elect Donald Trump not spell, but he makes up his own facts while being obsessed with his media coverage. All of these traits taken together form a president-elect who is a national embarrassment.

1). Donald Trump can’t spell.

The incident on Saturday wasn’t an example of an auto-correct gone rogue. The next President Of The United States didn’t know the difference between unprecedented, and unpresidented (which isn’t a word).

Here was the original tweet, screengrabbed for the world to remember forever:


An hour and a half later, somebody from Trump’s tweet and replaced with the correct term:

Trump has a long history of not being able to spell.

The President-elect misspelled Phoenix:

Honor also tripped up Trump:

The president-elect once called MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell “dummer”:

The man whose main method of communication with the American people is Twitter can’t tweet without humiliating himself and the country.

2). Trump makes up things that are demonstrably false:

The president-elect has a habit of tweeting things that are false.

For example, Trump’s two for one tweet lie that he won the Electoral College in a landslide and lost the popular vote because people voted illegally:

1). Trump’s electoral college margin was 44th out of the past 54 presidential elections. PolitiFact, because they can do basic math, rated Trump’s claim as false>

2). Even Trump’s own vice-president admitted that there was no proof of voter fraud and that the president-elect was stating an opinion.

Trump also lied about the cost of the next Air Force One:

Boeing says the contract is for $170 million, not $4 billion.

Trump lied about the number of jobs Carrier is keeping in the US:

In Indianapolis, IN, the president-elect said, “I will tell you that United Technologies and Carrier stepped it up and now they’re keeping — actually the number’s over 1,100 people, which is so great, which is so great.”

The real number of jobs that are staying for now is 730.

3). Trump’s obsessed with his media coverage, and ignoring real issues:

In the past week, Trump went on a Twitter rant about a bad review on one of his restaurants by Vanity Fair, criticized CNN and NBC News, and whined about the media coverage of his conflicts of interest. Number of tweets or statements by Trump about the situation in Aleppo: 0. Number of tweets about any serious issues that are going on the world: 0 However, the president-elect has spent lots of time and energy trying to downplay the Russian government’s interference in the US presidential election.

The next occupant of the White House can’t spell, makes up his own facts, and lives in a bubble that revolves around his own media coverage.

Trump is revealing himself to be a national embarrassment. Instead of making America great, Trump will make the US the butt of global jokes. The American people should be embarrassed to have this man representing them on the world stage.

When Trump’s behavior is examined, it is easy to see why millions of Americans are proclaiming that he is not my president.