Bill Clinton Blames FBI Director James Comey For Trump Winning The White House

Former President Bill Clinton has lashed out and his blaming FBI Director James Comey for Donald Trump winning the presidential election.

CNN reported on former President Clinton’s interview with the Bedford and Pound Ridge Record-Review:
“James Comey cost her the election,” Clinton said during a lengthy conversation, according to the paper. He argued that “we were seven points up” in polls and on track to win, before the FBI director made an 11th-hour announcement that the bureau’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s email use as Secretary of State was being reexamined in light of potential new evidence.


According to the Record-Review, Clinton suggested the confusion created by Comey’s announcement lead voters to not knowing what information to trust, and that not enough was made of the fact that the FBI boss said days later there was no new evidence of illegal activity.

There are a lot of Democrats who feel the same way as former President Clinton, but the problem goes much deeper. It wasn’t Comey’s letter by itself that cost Clinton the election. The problem was that the media chose to use Comey’s letter to elevate Clinton’s emails and place them on a level the same or above that of the real scandals that surrounded Donald Trump. Comey’s letter received more mainstream media attention than Russia’s interference in the election, Trump’s refusal to disclose his conflicts of interests, the allegations of sexual assault against Trump, Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, and the Republican candidate’s lack of disclosure of his health records.

Instead of these very real issues, the media chose to obsess and elevate a non-scandal related to Hillary Clinton’s emails. If one wants to understand how much of a non-scandal the emails were, consider that after Trump had won the election, Republicans dropped all talk of investigating or prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

The emails were a nothing story that the media happily inflated to boost Donald Trump and add drama to the presidential campaign.

What Comey did was provide fuel to an already burning media fire, but the collusion to elect Trump goes beyond Comey and Russia to the heart of the media and how the corporate press picked a president.