Trump Is Already Failing As Majority Are Uncertain And Pessimistic About His Presidency

A new NBC News poll revealed that as President-elect Donald Trump is failing. Instead of providing the American people with a dose of hope and optimism, the majority of Americans surveyed are uncertain and pessimistic about his presidency.

NBC News reported, “A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds 54 percent of adults saying that they are either uncertain (25 percent) or pessimistic and worried (29 percent) about how Trump will perform during his presidency, compared with 45 percent with either an optimistic and confident view (22 percent) or a satisfied and hopeful view (23 percent)… While Trump’s overall favorability has ticked up modestly since before the election, he remains underwater, with more Americans giving him a poor rating (46 percent) than a positive one (40 percent.)”

It is all on the table for Democrats. Trump is coming into office as a failed president-elect. The time between the election and the inauguration is the period when a president-elect enjoys their biggest bounce in public approval. However, Trump is about to become the first president-elect in history to enter the White House with a negative net approval rating. President-elect Trump hasn’t brought the country together or inspired belief in his ability to do the job as president.

If this is Trump’s public opinion high water mark, the low is going to be brutal when things begin to go wrong for his administration. Democrats must have themselves in a position to capitalize on Trump’s unpopularity. Trump’s “thank you” tour did not move public opinion. Trump’s cabinet choices have not helped his cause.

The good feeling that a new president typically generates has been replaced with a cloud of gloom and pessimism that is accompanying Trump.

Trump and the Republicans may have won an election, but polling is showing that they have lost a majority of the country.