Donald Trump Claims Bill Clinton is a Liar and ‘Doesn’t Know Much’

Earlier this month, when asked, “Is Trump smart?” Bill Clinton answered that Trump “doesn’t know much,” but “one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

Donald Trump, who lets no slight go unanswered, is now claiming revenge. The most unpopular president-elect in American history tweeted this morning in response to Clinton’s claim in that same conversation that Trump had called him the day after the election:

Remember Trump has had other imaginary conversations, like the phone call he claims to have received from New England quarterback Tom Brady, who probably didn’t call him and certainly didn’t vote for him. You can be sure if Clinton says Trump called him, Trump is the guy who picked up the phone.

Just like he picked up the phone to call the president of Taiwan.

And as to who knows what, remember that Clinton won the 1992 presidential election by a wide margin in a year where there was actually a viable third-party candidate scooping up almost 20 percent of the vote. And that he followed that up with a win in 1996 by an even bigger margin.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, lost his election to Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes. It seems clear that Bill Clinton knows something Donald Trump does not.

Hillary Clinton, however, did not have help from Russia, or from our own FBI, not to mention widespread voter suppression. Trump claims he would have won by a wide margin if not for voter fraud. The truth is, he would have lost by a far wider margin if not for Russian hacks, the FBI, and Republican voter fraud, not to mention a media vendetta against Hillary Clinton.

Of course, all that is more than a day ago so Trump has a new reality where he won by a landslide both by popular vote and the electoral college. Neither claim is even remotely true, but Donald Trump has shown that what is true matters not at all to him.

Donald Trump is sitting smugly in his manufactured reality, and he can, because the system put him where he has no place being, pretending he is smarter than Bill Clinton.

Trump says Putin called him a “genius” but what Putin really called him was “a very colorful person.” In reality, Donald Trump is just barely smart enough to be a useful idiot to Vladimir Putin.

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