Corruption Is The Family Business: Selling Access To The President Was Trump’s Son’s Idea

It was Donald Trump’s own son who had the idea of selling time with the President Of The United States in exchange for million dollar donations.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the fundraiser who was organizing the event that offered face time with the president in exchange for a vague million dollar donation to charity says that the plan was Donald Trump Jr.’s idea, “Hicks Jr. said the charity was initially Donald Trump Jr.’s idea as a way to promote conservation efforts. Beach, however, said he and Hicks came up with the idea in early December, formed a committee and had the nonprofit’s documents drawn up, he said.”

The concept of selling access to the president in exchange for anything raises a boatload of ethical questions. The idea that the Trump sons thought that they could get away with selling access to the president under the pretense of charitable donations to an unspecified charity should be setting off alarm bells all across the country.

A great deal of concern has been expressed about Trump himself profiting from the presidency, or using the White House for his own personal financial gain. Not as much attention has been paid to the activities of Trump’s kids. They have a hand in running the family business, and they learned from their father.

In the 1990s, Republicans tried to throw then president Bill Clinton out of office for the Lincoln bedroom sleepovers, while Donald Trump and family are attempting taking cash in exchange for time with the President Of The United States.

The American people have sent a criminal enterprise to the White House, so they shouldn’t be surprised that the corruption has already been attempted before the president-elect has even gotten a foot in the door.