Record 6.4 Million Americans Sign Up For Obamacare Plans As Trump Threatens To Repeal

As Donald Trump prepares to take office next month and quickly work with the Republican-controlled Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, 6.4 million Americans have signed up for health insurance plans through the law.

The number of sign-ups during this year’s open enrollment is higher than any previous year and is an increase of nearly half a million over last year’s tally.

Despite the repeal threats and “doomsday predictions” from those who have opposed the law at every turn, Secretary Burwell says the surge in sign-ups proves that these predictions are “not bearing out” and the Affordable Care Act is doing just fine.

For now, at least.

If Trump and Republicans fulfill their campaign promise of repealing the law, millions of people would lose insurance coverage.

According to the Urban Institute, 30 million Americans would lose health coverage if the GOP repeals the law. Among those, 4.4 million are children and 7.6 million are parents.

Trump voters, in particular, would be in a world of trouble if the man they supported follows through. Of those who would lose their coverage, 56 percent would be white and 80 percent lack a college degree – two voting blocs that heavily favored the president-elect.

Wiping out the law would also hurt those who benefit from the Medicaid expansion and children who, under the ACA, are able to get coverage through their parents’ insurance policy until they turn 26.

As Trump prepares to take office and more Americans wake up to the reality that repeal is no longer a Republican fantasy, millions are signing up for coverage while they still can.