Friday Fox Follies – Why Fox’s Santa Is White

In any given week it’s hard to recognize the biggest racist on the Fox “News” Channel because it’s a rotating series of winners. However, before Friday Fox Follies awards this week’s prize, this is our last chance to expose Fox’s Phony War on Christmas for 2016 because—

WAIT!!! STOP THE PRESSES, or whatever passes for presses on the information superhighway. Fox “News” just gave an “unpresidented” apology. At 6:53 this morning, when far fewer people are paying attention, Steve Doocy read a short and terse apology to Austyn Crites — clearly written by a lawyer — while wearing his patented feces-eating grin. You may remember Crites from last month with headlines like this:

Fox News just got busted bigtime for smearing an
anti-Trump protester with fake voter fraud claims

Fox News wrongly links Republican
anti-Trump protester to voter fraud

Fox News accuses Trump protester of using dead
grandmother for voter fraud—except she’s alive

As Mark Sumner noted on November 8th in the above article:

It’s Fox News. They don’t do corrections. In fact, they’re still using her deadness (lie down, ma’am) as proof that Democrats are out to steal Election Day.

Yet Fox did apologize. Watch:

I bet the threat of a lawsuit made ’em do it.

THE WAR AGAINST NEW YEAR’S EVE: As FNC Rolls Out New Year’s Eve Plans to have Bully Boy Bolling and Kimberly Tinfoyle ring in 2017, its Phony War on Christmas continues unabated. Loofah Lad, who started this phony war 10 years ago — and who has claimed victory more than once — says in Christmas in America:

Now, does the Christmas deal really matter? Since the war has basically been won, this is a clean-up operation. But the information is valid. Many Americans celebrate Christmas because they believe that Jesus is the savior and his birth should be honored. And because it’s a federal holiday, there is no reason to diminish Christmas or insult those who believe in it. Don’t like Christmas? Ignore it.
So, companies and stores that embrace Christmas obviously will attract folks who feel the same way. As for talking points, we’re just happy that most Americans see Christmas as a positive experience. And we’re happy we could contribute to that. And that’s “The Memo”.

The Falafel King’s milkshakin’ buddy, Emperor Trump, took up his phony cudgel and, once he was President-elect, declared he made it safe for people to say Merry Christmas again. But as Joy-Ann Reid of AM Joy makes clear, the Black White House never stopped celebrating Xmas. Watch:

However, the station’s hypocrisy on this issue is stunning:

OMG! Fox’s Outnumbered Has ‘Holiday’ Party!

Ruh-Roh! Another Fox News ‘Holiday’ Party!

This while Fox & Friends Features Fake “Petition” To Foment Fake Christmas Outrage, and On Fox & Friends: Kevin Sorbo Scolds Those Who Say “Happy Holidays”, while a Fox Guest Wants A National ‘Merry Christmas’ Law.

Let’s get one thing clear: This is not all fun and games. People’s lives are being destroyed by this Phox Phony War:

Fox’s “War On Christmas” Prompts Jewish
Family To Fear “Pizzagate”-Style Response

Both Fox & Friends Sunday and Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes covered the story, as did Breitbart, pushing local parents’ claims that the school canceled the play because of a Jewish student’s parents complaining about the line “God bless us, everyone.” Fox News has done hundreds of stories highlighting a so-called “War on Christmas” going back at least 12 years, covering its invented narrative to such a ludicrous extent that some Fox hosts have actually spent more time on the topic than on, say, veterans or actual wars. Fox has pushed the “War on Christmas” narrative so much, for so long, that according to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Fox may have changed Americans’ preferences for the holiday greetings they prefer to hear.
The climate Fox has created with its “War on Christmas” has turned frightful, rather than delightful. Thanks to the attention it received from right-wing media outlets, the Pennsylvania family feared for its safety. The story had zero national news value, yet Fox pushed the narrative to continue its “War on Christmas” drivel. Fox and other conservative outlets should use this incident to reflect on the repercussions of their culture war next time they want to complain about Starbucks cups. But it doesn’t show signs of stopping.

The War on Christmas is, in reality, a War on Hanukkah, or anything else that doesn’t represent the White Christian Establishment.

FOX RACE RELATIONS: Speaking of the White Christian Establishment, this week’s winner for Biggest Fox “News” Racist™ is none other than Bill O’Reilly, who ignited a firestorm when he defended the Electoral College, on behalf of his milkshakin’ buddy Emperor Trump, by saying:

Summing up, left wants power taken away from the white establishment. They want a profound change in the way America is run. Taking voting power away from the white precincts is the quickest way to do that. That is “The Memo”.

Even tho’ he accidentally told the truth, the backlash began immediately:

Bill O’Reilly becomes spokesman for white AmericaTwitter erupts over Bill O’Reilly’s ‘white establishment’ comments‘Ain’t even mincin’ words no more’: Internet rips O’Reilly for unironically endorsing white supremacyYep, Bill O’Reilly Just Embraced White Nationalism On TelevisionBill O’Reilly: Democrats Want To Abolish The Electoral College To Make Black Votes Count More Than WhitesBill O’Reilly: “Abolishing The Electoral College” Is “All About Race”Bill O’Reilly Goes Crazy Over ‘White Privilege’CNN Panelists Square Off Over Bill O’Reilly’s Racist CommentsCivil Rights Lawyer Gives Brilliant Response to Bill O’Reilly’s ‘White Establishment’ Rant

My favourite is David Corn [who] Calls Out Bill O’Reilly: ‘He Was Defending Apartheid!’ Watch:

From the WayBack Machine: Some reminders of previous racism spewed by Loofah Lad.

Megyn Kelly, who had her own problems with race when she proclaimed (against all evidence to the contrary) that Santa Claus and Jesus are White, has a staff comprised of nothing but White Folk. That’s probably why Megyn Kelly Shirks Responsibility For Promoting The Bogus New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Story, back when she was race-baiting. Still, you might want to read the original hagiography from which those data points come:

Megyn Kelly: ‘Fox was not without sin’ in 2016 campaign coverage

No feces, Sherlock!!!

While on the topic of race:

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Compares Affirmative
Action To Slavery, Jim Crow, And Japanese Internment

Fox News’ Fox & Friends Was The Only Cable News
Morning Show To Ignore The Dylann Roof Verdict

While cable morning shows on CNN and MSNBC both reported on the verdict and discussed the implications for race relations, Fox & Friends failed to mention it, even in a brief headlines segment. Instead, the show found time to host a Fox News doctor to attack the Affordable Care Act, give a Fox News contributor who is under consideration for a position in the incoming administration an opportunity to pitch himself, and test out “As Seen on TV” products.
The omission is not the first time Fox News has played down the issues surrounding the Charleston murders. When the shooting was first reported, Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy claimed it was “extraordinary” that it was considered a hate crime, Fox guest Rudy Giuliani claimed that Roof potentially “hat[ed] Christian churches” — a point that was echoed by Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade on his radio show — and one Fox guest blamed the shooting on “the left wing” and “their education system.”

If it really were a race, Fox would be losing.

EDJUMACATION NATION: Or the dumbing down of ‘Merka:

Fox News Channel Crowned 2016’s
Most Watched Basic Cable Network

Fox News has kept most of
its audience after the election

Bill O’Reilly Joins Dangerous Witch Hunt
Against Professor Already In Hiding

Abby Huntsman Defends Persecuted
Public High School Christian Coach

TRUMPETS FOR TRUMP: Sadly how Fox protects Emperor Trump — the flip side of how it attacked President Obama — will probably be a reoccurring feature of this column for the next 4 years, or until Agent Orange is impeached, whichever comes first. However, a former-Twitter correspondent of mine John Dean Calls Political Ignorance ‘the Greatest Threat to Our Democracy’ and it’s my contention that Fox “News” has contributed to that greatly. Here’s this week’s contributions:

Fox News Just So Thrilled That Trump Blamed ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ For Europe AttacksFox News Pundits Rave About Trump’s Radical Cabinet Picks – With Almost No Democratic ChallengeFox Contributor Newt Gingrich Wants Congress To Change Ethics Laws For TrumpJohn Bolton Clarifies ‘False Flag Operation’ Comment Regarding Russia HacksReince Priebus Pretends Donald Trump Is Popular And TruthfulFox News Sore Winners Attack Democrats For Questioning Trump’s LegitimacyFr. Jonathan Morris Auditions For Trump Chaplaincy At Trump Tower?

Headly Westerfield has been fighting the War on Christmas since birth and the War on Emperor Trump since he announced his candidacy.