Trump Praises Fox News For Spreading Russian Propaganda On US Television

Donald Trump used his position as president-elect to praise Fox News for their pro-Putin coverage while criticizing two other networks who reported the facts about Russian spying activities in the US.

Trump tweeted:

What exactly is Fox News doing that is making Trump so happy?

Fox is reading Putin’s statements nearly verbatim on the air:

Fox News is going full rah-rah on Trump and Putin while booing Obama:

Much of the Fox News coverage is centered around the myth that Donald Trump will stand up to Russia and be respected by Putin.

An earlier tweet demonstrated the sort of “strength” that Trump is going to project to Russia:

It is clear who the boss is in the Trump/Putin relationship, and it isn’t Trump.

Meanwhile, CNN and NBC have earned the wrath of Trump by reporting on Russian spying activities in the US.

There were two dangerous precedents established by Trump’s tweets. First, the president-elect is using the power of his position to criticize media outlets. Second, media outlets who report the truth about Russia are being criticized by name by Trump.

Donald Trump rewarded the network that pushed the pro-Trump/pro-Russia position and punished the press outlets that reported the truth.

Trump is engaging in a textbook endangerment of the free press, and if anyone thinks that his bowing down to Russia is a sign of strength, I’ve got a bridge in Moscow to sell you.