Trump Calls The Majority Who Voted Against Him Enemies And Losers In New Year’s Message

President-elect Trump delivered a bizarre New Year’s message where he claimed that the majority of voters who voted against him are his enemies and losers.

Trump tweeted:

The message above was delivered by the next President Of The United States. Trump eschewed the traditional message of hope and unity for a victory lap and a shot at his enemies. Trump’s list of enemies and losers obviously includes the more than 65 million Americans who voted against him.

The reality is that the people who voted against Trump know exactly what to do. They are mobilizing in an unprecedented effort to fight his agenda. Never has a president-elect taken office with a net negative approval rating. Donald Trump is going to begin his term as one of the least popular presidents in U.S. history. Fifty-four percent of all voters in the 2016 presidential election voted against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump continues to live in the past and is using his Electoral College win as the ultimate ego stroke. It is Trump who has unpopular secret plans that he won’t discuss publicly and has yet to articulate a clear idea of what he is doing.

Trump has an enemies list, and there are nearly 66 million names on it. The problem for the president-elect is that those voters are getting ready to push back.