Trump Calls All Computers Unsafe And Wants To Take America Back To The Pony Express


President-elect Donald Trump rang in the New Year by rejecting modern technology with a pronouncement that all computers are unsafe and vowed that America’s most vital communications would be conducted via personal couriers.

Video of Trump:


While speaking to reporters before he entered his for-profit New Year’s Eve party, the president-elect dismissed all computers as unsafe, “It’s very important. If you have something really important write it out and have it delivered by courier the old fashioned way. No computer is safe, I don’t care what they say.”

Trump made his comments while continuing to pretend that the identity of the hackers who meddled with the US presidential election remains a mystery.

Donald Trump is a skeptic of the Internet. Trump doesn’t send email or even own a computer.
The most powerful country in the world will put a man in the White House who doesn’t believe in computers. Trump was suggesting that most important discussions relating to the potential safety and security of the country be carried about by a system that dates back to the Eighteenth Century.

The president-elect’s comments would be funny if they did not hold such dangerous implications for the country. In a digital age where the speed of information transmission only continues to grow, how is the United States going to be in a position to react to breaking news around the world if vital information is to be transmitted by a specialized version of snail mail?

The answer is that Trump is preparing the country to always be a step behind. The president-elect’s views on technology will take the United States out of its current position as a global leader. Trump isn’t a man of the future. He is a dinosaur of the past who intends to use his administration drag America back to the past.

A small group of 100,000+ voters in three states just elected their technologically adverse grandfather to be president.

As a consequence, America may go from a global leader to third world banana republic in record time.