President Obama Still Doesn’t Trust Trump To Not Blow Up The World


During the White House daily briefing, Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked if President Obama had confidence in Trump handling the nuclear codes and keeping America safe. He answered that Obama has confidence in the intelligence community, military, and State Department, but never mentioned Trump.

Video of the full briefing:


Earnest was asked if Obama is confident in Trump’s ability to protect America from a nuclear attack. Earnest answered that the question goes back to some of the rhetoric from the campaign.

He added, I think what I can tell you is that the President has strong confidence in the men and women of the United States military, the men and women of the United States intelligence community, the men and women of the United States State Department who are ultimately responsible for implementing policies that protect the American people….The president has confidence that those patriots, those American men and women, will continue to do their important work with enormous skill and expertise and patriotism to protect the country.”

Nowhere in Earnest’s answer was president-elect Trump even mention. What Earnest was saying was that President Obama trusts the non-political staff of the military, intelligence community, and State Department to protect America from Donald Trump blowing up the world.

As far as Obama trusting Trump not to blow up the world, Josh Earnest’s answer made it clear that Obama has no trust in Trump to keep America safe.