Trump Claims The Intelligence Community Is Building A Phony Case Against Russia


At this point, nothing that comes from the mouth – or Twitter feed – of Donald Trump should be surprising, but even more red flags were raised on Tuesday when the president-elect made the ridiculous claim that the U.S. intelligence community is building a phony case against Russia.



Once again, the man who will lead the country and its intelligence community is taking a stand for Russia and against the United States.

Trump’s tweet is just the latest in a series of unsettling comments he’s made on the Russian cyberattack, which helped him narrowly defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

Even as members of both political parties have worked together to encourage strong retaliatory measures against the Kremlin, Trump has defended Vladimir Putin and trashed the CIA and FBI’s assessment that Russia was interfering in the presidential election.

Just days ago, the president-elect praised Putin’s response to President Obama’s counter-attack, calling the Russian president “very smart.” Over the past several weeks, he has urged the country to “move on” from the issue and brush it under the rug.

Now, Trump is digging in his heels and defending not the United States, but the country that attacked us.

In a little over two weeks, this is the man who will be President of the United States.