Trump Calls Senate Democrats Clowns As GOP Sinks In Obamacare Repeal Quicksand


Donald Trump called Senate Democrats clowns as Republicans are trying to blame Obama and Democrats while their ACA repeal efforts are sinking in political quicksand.

Trump tweeted:


The real clowns here are the Republicans and Trump who promised to repeal the ACA on day one, only to find out that passing a repeal bill may take months, and full repeal may be delayed for five years.

Bloomberg described the glacial pace and thorny situation that Republicans have put themselves in, “A Republican senator on condition of anonymity said the details of the repeal bill remain very uncertain. Originally, Republicans were planning to simply bring back the bill they put on Obama’s desk last year for his veto. But that bill was written knowing it wouldn’t become law, and now some Republicans want to make tweaks to soften the blow of repeal.”

The Republican Senator admitted that the previous repeal bills passed by Republicans were junk that weren’t intended to become law.

Faced with being in charge of repealing Obamacare, Senate Republicans are looking the American people in the eyes and saying, “we’ve got nothing.”

The real clowns are the Democrats who expanded access to health care for nearly 30 million Americans. The clowns are the people are so inept that they can’t come up with a replacement bill.

Republicans are sinking under the weight of ACA repeal, as the real clown was the presidential candidate who promised a repeal and replace that he can’t deliver.