Trump Has Damaged National Security With Treacherous Tweets According To Top Democrat


The top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has accused president-elect Trump of damaging national security with a series of treacherous tweets praising Putin and Assange.

Rep Schiff tweeted:


What has Schiff so alarmed are these tweets from Trump:

The United States is faced with an unparalleled national security threat. The US president-elect is endangering national security but mocking the nation’s intelligence community while cozying up to dictators and criminals.

The evidence is mounting that Trump is never going to grow into the job of being president. Instead, Trump is expressing a preference for using his power to protect those who helped him win the White House.

Rep. Schiff was correct. Tweets praising Putin and Assange in combination with attacks on intelligence community serve to make America less safe. Under the banner making America great again, Trump is weakening the world’s only superpower.

How America deals with a president who is a national security risk will determine the strength of the United States for decades to come.