Florida Attorney General Who Took Illegal Trump Cash Gets White House Job

President-elect Trump has rewarded Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi with a White House because she took his illegal campaign contribution and dropped an investigation into Trump University.

Bloomberg reported, “Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, who came under scrutiny last year for her office’s dealings with Trump University and President-elect Donald Trump, will take a job in Trump’s White House, according to a person familiar with the decision. It was not immediately clear what her title would be. Bondi was not among a lengthy list of White House appointments Trump announced on Wednesday.”

As Florida Attorney General, Bondi accepted an illegal $25,000 donation from Trump’s foundation and later decided not to pursue an investigation into Trump University’s Florida operations.

Bondi was a frequent face on the campaign trail who introduced Trump at his rallies, so it is far from a shock that she would land a job in the Trump White House.

The job appears to be a gift for Bondi’s willingness to accept a bribe and turn a blind eye to Trump’s acts of fraud.

Donald Trump is filling his administration with the sort of corrupt low character individuals that should concern every American. Trump isn’t draining the swamp. He is boldly expanding it.

Pam Bondi’s job is the latest example of a president-elect who has a taste for corruption filling his administration with like-minded individuals.