Twitter – and the Governator – Heap Mockery on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Insecurities

Donald Trump is hugely insecure (or should we say ‘bigly’?) and perhaps those insecurities are well-deserved, to judge from Twitter’s response to this morning’s batch of Trump tweets. We have already seen Evan McMullin state the simple truth that “.@realDonaldTrump will soon be the most powerful and profoundly insecure man in America.”

Others were not so kind. MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin tweeted just how significant this latest lapse by Trump really is:

Yes. He can’t go to security briefings but he can watch SNL and spend hours whining about them using direct quotes to mock him. And when he finally has a briefing he apparently plans to attend, he’s more interested in his old TV show.

Can he focus on Vladimir Putin and Russia for a moment, do you think? Will he be distracted from global crises by petty amusements? Will America burn while he tweets his petty insecurities?

Then there is the not-so-little point that he is bashing his own TV show simply because he is no longer starring in it:

Often, when Trump tweets crazy stuff (which is often) it is a precursor to something worse, or something designed to cover up something worse we are about to discover. One shudders to think what it might be this time, but welcome to 2017:

The Daily Beast‘s Marlow Stern has some ideas he is willing to share:

And then there is this simple truth:

As Keith Olbermann put it, “His new “Apprentice” tweets confirm a psychological crisis is inevitable.” America may indeed burn while Trump tweets. We just have to make sure we’re not laughing too hard at the time to not notice.

It was left to the Governator himself to post the best response of all to Trump’s bottomless insecurities:

Hrafnkell Haraldsson

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