Obama Shows A Reverence For The White House That Is Lacking In Narcissist Trump

During an interview on ABC’s This Week, President Obama showed respect and reverence for the White House that has been completely lacking in the egocentric approach of Donald Trump.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: This part of the White House is so iconic.

OBAMA: It’s my favorite, yeah. This walk. It–it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, in some ways I feel more attached to this walk even than the Oval Office.


OBAMA: Yeah. There’s something about these steps and thinking about everybody who’s walked here and all the business that’s been done here.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And business gets done on this walk.

OBAMA: Yes, exactly. And even when you go up this ramp, and you think about FDR wheeling himself up, you know, got a little cigarette holder in his mouth, and it, that, that awe that you feel, that reverence that you feel for the place never entirely leaves.

Americans should want a president who understands and properly respects the White House and its history. Instead, Trump has suggested that he may not live in the White House full time. Trump wants to be back in New York as often as possible. Trump isn’t moving his wife and son to the White House. His daughter will occupy the office of the first lady.

Never has Donald Trump demonstrated an ounce of respect for the White House and what it means to the country.

A person can learn a lot about how a president views the American people and their own role in leading the country based on their appreciation for the institutions associated with the presidency.

Trump has shown the traits of a man who is more interested in the status of the presidency and the power that comes with being president than showing humility and respect towards the responsibilities that he has been a given.

Obama respects the White House and the American people.

Trump has shown no respect for the White House, which hints of a president who may show little respect for the American people.