Trump Disgraces The Presidency By Attacking Meet The Press For Not Pushing His Propaganda

President-elect Donald Trump ignored all of the world’s issues and instead focused his wrath on Chuck Todd and Meet The Press for not giving Kellyanne Conway more time during their interview to push lies about Russian hacking.

Video of Conway’s Meet The Press interview:

Trump was outraged that Conway’s propagandistic answers about Russian hacking having no impact on the election did not get more airtime.

In less than two weeks, Donald Trump is going to be President Of The United States. To prepare for the highest office in the world, Trump is spending his time attacking Chuck Todd and Meet The Press for not giving his senior adviser/chief propagandist more airtime to pushing the false narrative that there is no evidence that Russia succeeded in influencing the presidential election.

Trump is going to spend his presidency badgering and bullying media to make sure that his false, misleading, and inaccurate statements are reported as news. The free press is under assault. The tweets from Trump are not only the insecurities of a petty man. They are also an effort to turn the press into state-run media.

There are a million different issues that any president-elect should be concerned about, but Donald J. Trump continues to prove that all that matters to him that media exists to flatter, promote, and inflate the Trump ego.