Trump Calls On Congress to Investigate NBC for Reporting Russian Attack



*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*


It is almost certainly true that every law enforcement officer, public school teacher and parent experienced a guilty individual’s attempt to distract attention from themselves and point out someone else’s alleged infraction. Although it is true that Donald Trump is not a child or student even though he acts like one, he does display every sign of every career criminal law enforcement officials have to witness regularly. On Friday he exhibited why he does not belong anywhere near the halls of power, and not just because he is an incompetent know-nothing, but because he is a deceitful piece of work that can never be trusted.

After the intelligence community (IC) revealed what any half-wit was already aware of for months; that Vladimir Putin ordered an attack on America to install his puppet Trump in the White House; and then that the Ruskies rejoiced that their spy-craft delivered the intended results, Trump did what every criminal does; raise a distraction and call for an investigation into an entirely unrelated entity.

Trump took to his official press outlet, “the Twitter,” to attack the media for reporting what every American and their favorite pet already knew; Moscow celebrated when their candidate won the White House. Trump said via ‘Tweet’ that:

I am asking the chairs of the House and Senate committees to investigate top secret intelligence shared with NBC prior to me seeing it. Who gave them this report and why? Politics!”

Now, there are plenty of lies in deceitful Don’s ‘Tweet,’ but there is the little issue of where an alleged incoming president’s focus of attention is after an attack on America for his benefit. After just being officially “briefed” (he already knew) that a hostile foreign power committed “an act of war” against America on Trump’s behalf, instead of calling the chairs of the House and Senate committees (which ones?) to investigate the attack on America, he wants to pursue members of the press. That aspect of Trumps’ remark wasn’t lost on House Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) who responded to dumb Donnie with a “Tweet” of his own. Mr. Schiff asked comrade Trump:

Of all issues implicated by Russian active measures, this is what you want to investigate? This is your top priority for intel committees?” In a word, yes.

First, dunce Donnie isn’t informed enough to cite “intel committees;” he probably thinks there is just one committee for each chamber. But of course calling to investigate the media instead of the Russians is his top priority for a couple of reasons beyond the treasonous “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” Besides creating a distraction, he is signaling to his rabid supporters that it isn’t his campaign or the Russians that need to be investigated by Congress, it is the media for daring to be the media and report the truth. It is yet another demonstration that one of his intents as White House occupant is using the federal government to intimidate and censor the press. Typically though, Trump got the facts all wrong in assailing NBC for reporting the obvious; Russia celebrated “its victory” over American democracy.

As noted over at Huffington Post,  that story from NBC News actually quoted an “unnamed intelligence official” confirming the Russians were rejoicing post-election. And, it was a detail first reported by The Washington Post, not NBC News. The “unnamed” intelligence official also described the findings of a multi-agency report that laid out the case that the Russians stole, then released, a mountain of emails for the purpose of helping Trump by damaging the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. It is worth reiterating that none of the “released” intelligence reports was revelatory after being in the news for months. One thing is certain; Donald J. Trump certainly knew the dirty details of the story because the Russians admitted being in contact with the Trump campaign during and after the election.

At HuffPo they wondered why the Trump singled out NBC News when WaPo originally released the story. The answer is simple; Trump acolytes watch NBC News far more than they read the Washington Post. Trump’s minions certainly heard the reports that the Russians celebrated his win because they watch network news; Trump knows it and shifted the blame to poor NBC for reporting what everyone already knew were facts.

What is lost on this story is Trump’s insinuation that the intelligence community is feeding the media “top-secret” intelligence in the name of “politics.” That is patently false and the IC should be even more inflamed at their incoming “boss” than one could have previously thought possible. Oh, it is true over at the FBI there is an alt-right contingent that aided and abetted Trump’s ascension to a place he doesn’t belong, but there are 16 other agencies in the IC that are not politically motivated for Russia.

No American should be surprised that a corrupt human being like Trump would go full-on criminal and attempt to distract the nation from the real and present danger of an attack on America, or lie to substantiate his assertions; it is what criminals do. Hrafnkell Haraldsson reported yesterday that Rachel Maddow was stunned at Trump lying about a report that was publicly available. Ms. Maddow remarked on Trump’s blatant lies and said,  “I have to say I don’t get weirded out by a lot of stuff in the news but this puts a shiver down my spine.”

Everything Trump says and does should send shivers down decent Americans’ spines; that is the normal response to a monster. However, what is worrisome is that Trump is still demeaning the intelligence community. If that’s not enough he is calling on the Congress to investigate the press over a true and accurate report that was common knowledge among the general population. All Americans should be terrified of a man who will go to any length, including attacking the press and IC, to protect his Russian masters which is Donald J. Trump giving aid and comfort to the enemy and why there is a threat of treason already hanging over his presidency.