Trump Offers Chair Of Vaccination Committee To Anti-Vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Donald Trump has picked anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to chair a committee on the safety and scientific integrity of vaccines.

Jim Acosta of CNN tweeted:

The problem is that RFK Jr. is anti-vaxxer who believes that there is a link between vaccinations and autism. In 2015, he had to apologize for comparing children that he believed were injured through vaccinations to the Holocaust.

An anti-vaxxer is going to be overseeing a committee that will monitor the scientific integrity of vaccines. Kennedy believes that there is a vast vaccination conspiracy at work, which makes him a perfect fit for the nation’s first cable news obsessed conspiracy theorist president-elect.

Trump’s election is going to have far-reaching consequences for the people of the United States of America. One of the under-discussed impacts of Trump occupying the White House is that facts and science are going to be discarded.

The conspiracy theorists will be running the federal government. Choosing an anti-vaxxer is typical Trump and horrible news for the nation’s parents and children.

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