CNN Stands Up To Bully Trump And Dares Him To Point Out Inaccuracies In Russia Report

After Trump called them “fake news” at his press conference, CNN fired back with a statement challenging Trump to point to the specific inaccuracies in their reporting.

The statement from CNN:


Trump did his best to muddy the waters on the CNN report by lumping it in with Buzzfeed’s publication of unsubstantiated memos. As CNN pointed out, Trump is using Buzzfeed to deflect from the very real allegations made by CNN.

Politicus Podcast on Trump Press Conference:

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The president-elect went as far as to refuse to take a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta and called his organization fake news. Beyond the dangers of the President Of The United States using his status to discredit the free press by calling anything that he disagrees with fake news, there is the issue of Trump’s lack of honesty.

CNN appears to understand what is at stake. If they allow themselves to be bullied by Trump, it will wound the concept of the free press in the United States of America. The free press can’t be intimidated by a president-elect who hurls insults and screams fake news anytime something is published that he doesn’t like.

CNN is calling the bully out, and if their report contains any inaccuracies, it is up to Trump to stop whining and point them out.