Trump Goes Conspiracy Crazy And Suspects The Intelligence Community Is Out To Get Him

Trump began his first press conference with a conspiratorial claim that the intelligence community leaked the info that he has been compromised by Russia.

Trump said, “I must say I want to thank a lot of the news organizations because they looked at that nonsense that was released by maybe the intelligence agencies. Maybe? Who knows. But maybe the intelligence agencies, which would be a tremendous blot on their record if they did that.”

The president-elect began his press conference by casting suspicion on the US intelligence community while taking the side of Putin and Russia. Trump’s press conference began with a raging tire fire. Trump has gone on to endorse Russian hacking and election interference by calling Putin helping him and liking him an asset.

Politicus Podcast on Trump Press Conference:

Listen to “Trump Wrecks His Presidency With Press Conference Disaster” on Spreaker.

Trump is using the press conference to alternate between reliving the 2016 election and defending Russia and Putin.

President-elect Trump went off on a paranoid rant about every hotel room having secret cameras that spy on him. Trump’s disjointed rambling press conference has provided no policy details on anything.

Trump is going full conspiracy and whining about his media coverage. It is like the 2016 presidential campaign never ended, and Donald Trump has no idea that he is about to be the next President Of The United States.