Justice Department Launches Investigation Into FBI Actions On Hillary Clinton Emails

The Justice Department has announced that they will review the FBI’s actions on Hillary Clinton’s emails ahead of Election Day.

Video of NBC News’s Pete Williams reporting on the investigation:

Here is what Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will be looking for in his review:

After a great public and congressional outcry, FBI Director James Comey’s actions during the presidential election will be coming under review by the Justice Department.

Many Democrats and members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign believe that Comey’s letter announcing the continuation of the email investigation weeks before the election tipped the race for the White House to Donald Trump.

There are also reports that Comey ignored recommendations from the Justice Department not to release his bombshell letter 12 days before Election Day.

The review by the Justice Department will add fuel to the questions of legitimacy surrounding Trump’s White House win. It is clear that something was amiss within the FBI during the presidential election and the Horowitz review is going to find out what role if any Director Comey and elements in the FBI played in getting Donald Trump elected.

America will soon find out if Hillary Clinton’s belief that James Comey cost her the White House is correct.