Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Drops A Bombshell And Calls Trump Not A Legitimate President

Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis echoed the views of the majority of Americans who didn’t vote for Trump when said that in his view, Trump is not a legitimate president.



Rep. Lewis is sending a strong message to every Democrat and voter who did not vote for Donald Trump. His message is that the majority must not recognize or legitimize the presidency of Donald J. Trump. There are serious issues and concerns surrounds Trump’s election and his relationship with Russia.

Lewis didn’t pull any punches. He flat out stated his belief that it was a conspiracy by the Russians that got Trump elected. He isn’t trying to sugarcoat the damage that was done to American democracy. He believes that Democrats and all Americans must fight against this illegitimate president.

Working with Trump will only serve to legitimize what has taken place. Russian election interference can’t become the new normal in the United States of America.

When a legend like John Lewis states that Trump is not a legitimate president, the majority of Americans need to listen, stand up, and get ready to fight because what is at stake goes much deeper than partisan politics. Legitimizing Trump would be akin to legitimizing the corruption and destruction of the democratic process.