Cowardly Trump Backs Out Of Commemorating MLK Day At the African American Museum

Another stunt down.

You know that trip to the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture that President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team announced he would be taking in observance of Martin Luther King Day? Yeah, that’s not happening now.

This “visit” was never fully planned out and was removed from Trump’s calendar due to “scheduling issues,” senior level transition team sources told ABC News. “Senior sources initially said Trump would visit the museum, but ABC has learned that the visit was removed from his calendar due to scheduling issues and was not fully planned out.”

Trump will visit the museum later, after he is president (probably before he releases his tax returns, which is to say, possibly before never). ABC reported these sources said Trump would commemorate MLK day another way, but didn’t have any specifics on that yet. Perhaps he can spend MLK day walking back his false claims that he won Obama Democrats and that’s why Democrats are “mad”; after all, it couldn’t be the Russia Compromise or the Russia hacking of Democrats and Clinton that he publicly directed the Kremlin to do (why does anyone need proof of private meetings when Trump directed the Kremlin in public?).

On the same day that Donald Trump made a fool of himself by attacking civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) for being all talk, including racist stereotypes about his district’s “crime” (read with intended Nixonian dog whistle, or replace with modern version: “urban”), the Trump team brought cover with the announcement that Trump would be visiting the museum that prominently features Rep. Lewis’ civil rights efforts, which included bloodshed for freedom and equality; whereas Donald Trump is a draft-dodger.

The announcement of the trip to the museum was on par with the empty folders Trump offered as proof that he had separated from his business interests. Trump knows how to distract and offer sparkly disco balls for a story lede, but what he doesn’t understand is that being president isn’t like being the star of a reality TV show or posing during a ribbon cutting with a few words of cheap, transparent propaganda to praise yourself. As president, people will be following up.

The museum trip appears to be part of the typical “I’m not a racist” defense used by people who use racism so reflexively they don’t even realize how absurd they sound, but no one can argue that Donald Trump could stand to learn something about real struggles.

The PR on this seems Conway-esque: The alt-right, white nationalist icon can’t be a racist because he was going to go to the museum but now he’s not going, but he will go later but no one can say when and somehow he will commemorate MLK day but no words on how.

Just another Trump trail of lies and distractions that leads us right back to Donald Trump attacked John Lewis for doing nothing, when John Lewis bled to make this country great again.

… And all Donald Trump is doing is handing the keys to Putin.