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A Revolution Erupts As Tens Of Thousands Storm Across America To Save Obamacare

Tens of thousands of Americans filled up rallies in 70 locations across the country as a new political movement was born in the effort to save Obamacare.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) released a statement on the more than 8,000 people who showed up in Warren, MI to defend the ACA.

At the Michigan rally, Sanders said, “I say to my Republican colleagues: yeah, you’re going to have to worry about Sen. Stabenow and Peters and all of us in the Senate and our friends in the House. But that’s the least of your worries. You’re going to have to worry about millions of people who are standing up, who are fighting back and who demand a day when health care will be a right of all people, not just a privilege.”

Picture of the Michigan crowd:

Dave Weigel of The Washington Post had some pics of the crowds:

The pictures of the crowds are direct evidence that contradicts the Republican claims that everyone hates Obamacare, but as Sen. Sanders pointed out, the success of these rallies across the country highlighted a much bigger problem for the GOP.

A health care fight that cost them dearly in 2008 has returned, and Republicans are once again, on the wrong side of the issue.
The Washington Post reported that these rallies attracted more than Democrats, “In Bowie, a number of rally attendees said they were also planning to join the Women’s March to be held in Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration. Some lifted unofficial signs from Sanders’s 2016 primary campaign; others said they had been galvanized by the election itself. Valencia Danner, 23, said that the Bowie rally was her first political event of any kind. Scott Gledhill, 73, said that he’d voted for Gary Johnson for president but was worried about Republicans’ plans regarding the ACA and Medicare.”

Trump has yet to take office, but a new political movement is galvanizing against his Republican Party.

The American people aren’t going sit back and let Trump and the Republicans repeal Obamacare and privatize Social Security and Medicare without a fight.

This isn’t a tea party. It’s a new American revolution, and it’s coming to take America back from Donald Trump.

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