Obama To Leave Office With The Highest Favorable Rating Of Any President Since 1993

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:23 am

President Obama is set to leave office with the highest favorability rating of any president in 24 years.

According to Gallup, “The president will leave office with a much higher favorable rating than did his immediate predecessor, George W. Bush (40%). Bill Clinton’s rating (57%) was similar to Obama’s, while George H.W. Bush left office in January 1993 with a slightly higher 62% favorable rating. Gallup began measuring presidential favorability using the favorable/unfavorable question format in 1992.”

Obama’s favorability rating is eighteen points higher than his successor, Donald Trump (40%). The popularity of the Obama administration goes beyond the President. Joe Biden has a 61% favorable rating, which is 19 points higher than Mike Pence (42%). First Lady Michelle Obama is easily the most popular political figure in the country with a 68% approval rating. Melania Trump’s favorable rating is 37%.

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Barack Obama is finally getting the appreciation that he deserves for being a good to great president. It can’t hurt Obama’s favorable ratings that he is being followed in office by the human train wreck known as Donald J. Trump.

Trump is not likable, and his behavior has made him reviled by a large segment of the United States of America.

The grace, dignity, and scandal free manner in which Obama served the country will be sorely missed once people get a dose of the Trump administration. Obama deserved better throughout most of his time in office. Many Americans took him and the steady hand with which he guided the country for granted.

No matter what tragedy surrounded us, Obama was there always to calmly and reassuringly reaffirm his belief in the greatness and resilience of the American people.

People may not have realized it, but they will miss the competence and intelligence of Barack Obama after he leaves office.

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