Corrupt Tom DeLay Calls President Obama a “Professional Racist”

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

As the Obama Administration’s days wane away, there are still Republicans who cannot possibly stop lying and demeaning a remarkable President; because he is African American, because he is a Democrat, and more importantly because he saved America after a failed Republican administration broke the country and sullied its reputation around the world. For all his accomplishments for all Americans, Republicans still cannot stop defaming Barack Obama.

The latest malcontent Republican, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX), has been running his mouth incessantly for months making such statements as “Obama is a communist, a Muslim sympathizer, he literally hates America, surrendered and then assisted ISIS and most recently claimed he has “gone rogue” and “he is a professional racist.”

First, DeLay claims President Obama went “rogue” when he levied sanctions on Russia for a cyber-attack to assist Trump’s presidential campaign. He also asked what has the Obama Administration ever done or cared about cyber security and hacking over the past few years. Then he answered his own question with a blatant lie because he didn’t speak from ignorance. Honest to dog, DeLay claimed on Fox News that the Obama Administration has done “little to nothing…that we know of” to address cyber security.

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It took this author exactly 3 seconds to find reports on the President’s 7-year and 11-month crusade to combat cyber-attacks, including hacking. A year ago the President created the Cyber Security National Action Plan (CNAP) that outside cyber-security experts said:

Was the culmination of several initiatives over the course of his Administration instructing the federal government to take action and create the necessary conditions for long-term improvements in the approach to cybersecurity across the government, the private sector, and people’s personal lives.” Maybe the President’s approach to combatting cyber security is something DeLay knows nothing about, but only because he is an ignorant cretin.

The circumstance that incited the dolt DeLay to label the President of the United States a “professional racist” was his reaction to a comment from the President. DeLay said it was “unbelievable” and “indicative of the fact that Obama has never gotten over his racism” that the President said,

We have by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism, but the progress we’ve made has been real and extraordinary.”

The fact that the incoming Republican administration favors, and will likely enact, nationwide “racial profiling” under the aegis of the federal government is not only blatant racism, it is virtually enslaving people of color by keeping them in hiding from the militarized police seeking them out; it is certainly ‘colonialism. And DeLay is well aware of the Republican efforts enacting Jim Crow laws across the Southern United States.

DeLay, like most of America, understands perfectly that every last ALEC-created legislation suppressing voting rights in Republican-led states specifically targets African American communities; that is just a bit more than one of the “legacies of Jim Crow.” Federal Appeal Courts have said as much in striking down voter-suppression laws and racially-motivated gerrymandering in at least three Republican states. In fact, in striking down a Pat McCrory-led Republican voter suppression law, the Fourth District Court of Appeals was very blunt and said:

North Carolina’s provisions deliberately target African Americans with…surgical precision…to depress Black turnout at the polls.”

It isn’t entirely clear how, in dancing Tom’s pea-brain citing hard facts about racism in America makes President Obama a professional racist. What is clear is that DeLay is either deluded beyond comprehension or he is just the typical Republican. He also said,

When is he [President Obama] going away? My goodness gracious. This is just unbelievable, but you know, he’s never gotten over his racism.

Many of us, in fact, I think the entire country has gotten over slavery and Jim Crow and all of that. It’s the professional racists like Obama and his buddies that can’t get over it because then they’re totally irrelevant.”

DeLay then agreed with radio host Steve Malzberg that such remarks by President Obama are intended to divide the country and fuel division as the Obama Administration winds down. He said:

Certainly. And that way they can continue their welfare programs that keep people on plantations and dependent on the government. They can keep government interfering in our lives all based upon some excuse about ‘you’re a racist, so you have to do this.’”

So, it’s obvious that DeLay is more than just an ignorant moron spouting dross, he epitomizes every anti-government Republican since Reagan made it a requirement for conservatives. It is important to make one point perfectly clear; President Barack Obama is not a professional racist. However, Tom Delay is a professional asshole and a dirty liar and the personification of every Trump-supporting Republican.

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