Donald Trump Goes Into Complete Denial As He Claims Approval Polls Are Rigged

Having just learned how incredibly popular outgoing President Barack Obama is and how his own numbers represent a record low, Donald Trump got hold of his smartphone again this morning and started tweeting his denial.

He claimed in the face of all facts to the contrary, that he is incredibly popular, and that just like the election polls that failed to account for Russian hacking and FBI interference in the election process, the polls are rigged:

The proof will be in the numbers, and it looks like while Trump is reportedly hiring people to fill the seats there will be more protesters than Trump fans at this inauguration.

Donald Trump cannot accept the reality of his unpopularity any more than he can accept that he lost the election by 3 million votes, or that all votes taken into account, more people voted against him than for him.

Richard Cohen suggested at The Washington Post that the ancient Greeks knew “A man’s character is his fate,” and that “In that case, Trump’s presidency is doomed” from the outset. Those same character defects tell Trump he is the most popular guy on the planet.

The man who is half as popular as Barack Obama was in 2009 is in a class-by-itself complete denial of reality.