In A Moment Of Shining Truth House Democrat Refuses To Pretend To Celebrate Trump Inauguration

Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC) released a statement announcing that she will not attend to Trump inauguration because she refuses to pretend to celebrate his presidency.

Here is the full statement from Rep. Adams:


Roughly 40 members of Congress are boycotting the inauguration. Rep. Adams offered an honest statement for why she would not be attending. It is impossible to celebrate the presidency of a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting women, mocked people with disabilities, and attempted to divide the country by race and religion.

Trump’s inauguration is a giant step backward for progress. It is not something to be celebrated. His presidency will be an obstacle that must be conquered. The majority of Americans who did not vote for Trump won’t be pretending that Friday will be a day of celebration.

It’s bigger than losing an election. Trump’s agenda is to take back to the past. Trump’s is not a presidency of the future. Trump won by selling a desperate segment of society the myth that they can reclaim the past.

Rep. Adams had it right. Inauguration day marks the beginning of the real work ahead. Friday at noon isn’t a time for celebration, but the moment when the next great struggle will begin.

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