The Great Trump Jobs Fraud: Companies Use Old Expansion Plans To Fool President-Elect

It turns out that Trump isn’t bringing jobs back to America. Corporations have quickly learned to reissue old growth plans as new to avoid the wrath of the president-elect’s Twitter. In other words, Trump is being duped by corporate America.

NBC News reported that companies are afraid of having their stock price dinged by a negative Trump tweet, so they are taking old or existing expansion plans and reissuing them as new, “But peel back a layer and the promises come with some caveats. A company’s plan to increase capital expenditures, which include jobs and facility improvements, are typically years in the making. Some of these “announcements” are old news in a new hat.”

The jobs that Trump touted from WalMart, Amazon, Sprint, Bayer, and GM had already been announced, were already planned, or were part of the company’s normal yearly growth strategy.

Trump, who made a fortune in business by licensing his name and failing has been getting played by corporate America. No one should be surprised when a burst of new jobs doesn’t spring forth from the loins of corporations because Donald Trump isn’t inspiring companies to create new jobs. The president-elect is the most devout believer of the Republican job creator lie in America.

The president-elect will soon be an Oval Office Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch watching for the great job creators to rise like the Great Pumpkin and save his presidency.

At some point, while his presidency flounders, one of the corporate titans will look Trump in they eye and say, “Sorry, Donald, there is no job creator Santa Claus.”

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