Republicans Are Trapped In An Obamacare Nightmare As Only 22% Of US Wants Law Repealed


Repealing Obamacare has turned into a total political nightmare for Republicans. According to a new CBS News poll, only 22% of Americans want the law repealed.
CBS News reported:

Americans are now split in their views of the Affordable Care Act: 48 percent approve of the law, while about as many, 47 percent, disapprove, including 32 percent who disapprove strongly. Nevertheless, the percentage that approves of the law is the highest it has been since the CBS News Poll began asking about it nearly seven years ago.



Among the 22 percent of Americans who want to see the law repealed, 47 percent want the law to be repealed immediately, while half – 50 percent- think it should be repealed only after Congress has agreed on a new health care law to replace it.

Six in ten Americans are very concerned that if the law is repealed before a replacement is enacted, individuals currently covered by the law would not have health insurance. Another 24 percent are somewhat concerned about that.

There is now no political upside for Republicans in repealing Obamacare. Trump is about to begin his presidency with a move that will drive his approval ratings even lower than their current historic lows. For Republicans in Congress, immediately taking away health care from tens of millions of Americans is going to put their seats in immediate jeopardy.

Trump and the Republican Party are caught between a nation that doesn’t want the law repealed and a Republican base that has been fed lies about the ACA for years and will see repeal as a total victory.

The American people clearly do not want the law repealed. If Trump and the Republicans were serious about governing, and their political futures, they would keep the ACA in place and fix the problems with the law.

Gutting Obamacare and replacing it with nothing is the course that will sow the seeds of future election losses for Trump and the GOP. There is a midterm election next year. The fastest way for Republicans to lose the Senate and neuter their new president is to kill Obamacare. Forget the 2018 map. A movement is already growing. If Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act, they could be putting the first shovel full of dirt on their political graves.