Trump Attacks NBC’s Today Show for Telling the Truth About His Job Creation Lies

Donald Trump again blasted real news as “FAKE NEWS” this morning when he expressed outrage via Twitter that NBC’s Emmy Award-winning journalist Ari Melber critically examined his job creation lies:

This was Trump’s response:

This is interesting, Trump saying we should ask the CEOs of these companies because, in fact, Fiat Chrysler says that Trump had nothing to do with their decision to modernize two plants and create 2000 jobs in the Midwest.

The same with Ford. CEO Mark Fields told Reuters,

“We’re going forward with our plan to move production of the Ford Focus to Mexico, and importantly that’s to make room for two very important products we’ll be putting back into Michigan plants. There will be no job impact whatsoever with this move.”

That did not stop Trump from claiming success and touting the archly conservative Wall Street Journal as proof of his job creation fantasies:

All of which means, of course, in Trumpspeak, that NBC’s Today must be denigrated and delegitimized as “biased” and “doing badly” because if you don’t toe the Trump line, that’s what you are in PEOTUS’ fantasy reality:

NBC News explains that what is happening is that companies are “recycling old news” about long-laid plans for job creation in order to pre-empt Trump Twitter attacks on their companies:

But peel back a layer and the promises come with some caveats. A company’s plan to increase capital expenditures, which include jobs and facility improvements, are typically years in the making. Some of these “announcements” are old news in a new hat.

As Maryann Keller told Bloomberg of these moves by automakers, “All they’re doing is announcing investments that they would have made anyway.”

Ari Melber explained that according to the CEOs Trump wants us to ask, the president-elect’s impact on job creation is “very small or nonexistent.”

The difference between Trump and Obama is that Obama actually created 15 million jobs he took credit for, and Trump didn’t though he is Johnny-on-the-spot to take the credit.

Oh, and throw a few Trump twitter tantrums when the media challenges his lies.