The Numbers Are In: Trump’s Inauguration Crowd Was 1/7th The Size Of Obama’s

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:50 pm

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If inauguration crowd size means anything, Donald Trump could be in some trouble. Compared to President Obama’s first inaugural, Trump’s crowd size was one-seventh what the former president drew to D.C. in 2009.

Here are the numbers:

Here is an aerial view of Obama’s crowd compared to Trump’s:

Another crowd size comparison:

It wasn’t just the address that was poorly attended. Here is a picture of the parade stands on Pennsylvania Avenue:

Some in the Trump circles have been blaming the weather, but this excuse ignores the fact that it was twenty-eight degrees for Obama’s first inaugural. The truth is that Trump isn’t that popular. He doesn’t inspire joy and celebration. The dark clouds and rain over D.C. perfectly represent the temperament of the new president.

Obama was more popular than Trump. Obama is more popular than Trump, and it is a safe bet that Obama will continue to be more popular that Trump in the years to come.

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