The Resistance Won’t Be Denied, Activists Detained for Disrupting Trump Inaugural

The resistance is here and it’s not going to be denied.

For standing on their chairs and reciting the preamble of the Constitution during the middle of President Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, six activists have been detained by police, according to Democracy Spring.

“Today we disrupted President Trump’s swearing-in ceremony to show the world, and our fellow Americans, that the resistance starts now,” explained one of the activists, Claire Sandberg with AllofUs.

“We will not stand idly by while a political conman flouts our constitution and basic democratic norms, and pledges to violate the rights and dignity of millions of people on day one,” Sandberg said. “We will fight to protect our families, neighbors, communities, and democracy from Trump’s agenda of hate and greed every step of the way, and we will not back down.”

This is the kind of resistance the Trump administration will need to get used to. These are non-violent protesters who are doing their best to get noticed for their resistance and objection to the divisive hatred for which Trump stands as well what they see as the danger Trump represents to American Democracy.

The National Park Service told the New York Times, “’In a normal election cycle, we’ll see four or five First Amendment applications,’ said Michael Litterst, a spokesman for the National Park Service. This year, they’ve received at least 20 permit requests.”

“From the first moment Trump is in office, Americans are ready to resist the Trump regime until the day he is impeached from office,” said Ryan Clayton, of Americans Take Action. “Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief is a clear and present danger to the U.S. Constitution and American Democracy. We’re here on day one to start the resistance.”

Clayton was reportedly arrested today.

The six protestors were Ryan Clayton of Americans Take Action, Claire Sandberg of AllofUs, Andrea Perez of Democracy Spring, Terri Brezner of Democracy Spring, Kai Newkirk of Democracy Spring and Kira Elliott of Reclaim Chicago.

There are protests going on across the country, including some pro-Trump events. Vox has compiled a list here.

Image: Democracy Spring