On His First Full Day as President Trump Disgraces America by Misspelling Honored

It was Donald Trump’s first full day as the President. So his old account tweeted from an Android phone, “I am honered (sic) to serve you, the great American People, as your 45th President of the United States!”

Yes that’s right, people. Your new President misspelled “honored”.

Within minutes, a new, correct version was shared from an iPhone. The incorrect version was deleted and couldn’t be embedded, but I managed to get a screen grab:

“Fixed tweet is sent from iPhone (Original was Android)”, Zeke Miller observed.

“Then he got back the original phone and has that and the secure one, or an aide is tweeting from his old account,” Maggie Haberman added.

Perhaps Trump does have an aide who is prone to the same level of basic word misspellings as he is (“unpresidented” anyone). But then why would he give that person access to his Twitter account. That’s not good leadership.

Maybe Trump has an aide who spells “honor” as “honer”, exactly as Trump has done before on Twitter:

But that’s a lot of maybes. It’s likely this came right from Trump.

The bottom line is the leader of the free world has a twitter account that can’t spell. And yes, that’s embarrassing. Especially as he and his administration gear up for their fight on education.

The Trump administration has signaled waging a war on education and then Trump opened the first full day of being president by sending out a misspelled tweet.

Making America Great Again, one spelling error at a time.