Something Huge is Happening with the Women’s March All Across The County

The Women’s March has caught the attention of the media and no doubt of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. The passion behind it seems to have caught the “elite” off guard, unawares almost, as if they were unaware that you existed and you cared about these issues.

Attendance has already drowned the Tea Party’s total attendance from April of 2009.

Here’s a glimpse around the country of your brothers and sisters, marching for justice – this list is by no means comprehensive, but it shows that people are awake, impassioned, and engaged around the country. There is no way of knowing the total numbers right now and the West hasn’t even started some of their events yet. So yes, this is HUGE, but huge for real, not Donald Trump huge.


Media reported that formal march was canceled because the crowds were TOO LARGE, however the organizers are moving the march to Constitution Avenue:

Dr. Jim Lawrence’s D.C. footage:


St Paul, MN:


Wayne State, Detroit Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Charles Gaba in line for the bus to Lansing, Michigan:

Hours later, in Lansing:





Las Vegas:



West Virginia:



Los Angeles:

At Trump Tower, which is off limits to the Women’s March:

San Fran:


I can see Russia from here:

Great signs:

What you are witnessing here is the American spirit, fighting for American values of equality and opportunity for all.

This is not a radical movement, these values are mainstream but they are being destroyed by a select few who don’t value democracy.

So the people march. They chant. They use their collective voice to say NOT IN MY COUNTRY. If you felt alone after the election, take heart. You are far from alone. The resistance is real.

Update: Irish Eyes reminded me, this is actually happening around the world, there are 600 sister marches plus planned around the world:

Update 2: The description (but not the body of the post) has been updated to clarify that the comparison for the Tea Party was to their rallies in April of 2009.

Image: Twitter, American Indian Museum