More People Are Attending Women’s Marches Than Attended All Tea Party Rallies Combined

There are more people attending Women’s March On Washington events than attended all tea party rallies on their big Fox News supported day of action combined according to Nate Silver.

Silver tweeted:

It has been confirmed that there are more people at the National Mall than attended Trump’s inauguration, but there are also overflow rallies taking place in cities around the country. The first estimate for the Women’s March on Washington was that there were up to 500,00 protesters in Washington.

There will be more protesters marching around the country than attended the Koch brothers Astroturfed tea party events on their much hyped and Fox News promoted day of action on tax day 2009. The tea party was a special interest group that was put together by the Kochs and other conservative billionaires. What is happening in Washington and all over the country is a real people’s movement focused on rights.

The rights of women, immigrants, Muslims, workers, and LGBT Americans have all been stood up for at the March. The events today are a fight for freedom and justice for all Americans.

The tea party fraud is being put to shame as millions of women and men stand up and show America what a real people’s movement looks like.

Note: Post updated to clarify that Silver’s comparison is between the Women’s March on Washington and Tea Party events held on April 15, 2009.