Twice As Many Protesters Estimated In D.C. Than Attendees At Trump’s Inauguration


President Donald Trump drew an estimated 250,000 people for his inaugural, which is way down from the numbers President Barack Obama drew in 2009 and 2013.

But it gets even more troubling for the new president. According to new estimates shared by Washington’s deputy mayor for public safety and justice based on estimates from the organizers of the march, the turnout for the Women’s March has been upgraded from to 500,000 people.

This is not only double the original estimate, but it is also double the crowd Trump drew to his inaugural celebrations. Half a million women are estimated to be marching for women’s rights and in protest of Donald Trump’s anti-women policies, rhetoric, and actions.


Briget Bowman, a Senate reorter at Roll Call, tweeted a picture of women streaming toward march:

The Women’s March on the National Mall is a protest against Donald Trump for all of the assaults on women’s freedom, safety, and rights that he represents. The march is not just for women, as men from all different backgrounds and ethnicities are marching in support as well.

Marchers have raised concerns over Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare and build a wall, in addition to many other policy stances of the new president, proving Hillary Clinton correct when she said that women’s rights were human rights.

Image: Screen cap from CBS livestream