Warning!! – A Petulant Child Is Loose In the Oval Office

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:51 pm

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*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

Every American that has to work with or around children has, at one time or another, witnessed a moody child throw a screaming fit if they don’t win a contest, are not considered special by the entire world, or are caught in a blatant lie. Although it is always a mammoth annoyance, one can excuse a bratty child’s tantrums and most people chalk it up to poor parenting, incessant and unwarranted praise, and the child being surrounded by sycophants. However, there is no excuse for a grown adult acting like a whiny brat and yet that is precisely what is sitting in the Oval Office.

On most adults first day of a new job, their focus is on humbly performing their duties exceptionally well and then letting the accolades come according to the merits of their work. Not so with Donald Trump.

No, the petulant child spent his first full day on the job complaining that he is not getting the human-turned-god treatment he feels he deserves; probably what he is used to receiving from his family starting at birth.

Perhaps it was because of the historical record-setting protests against the Trump around the country, and the world, or because his inauguration crowd was pathetic and about 1/7th the size of President Obama’s, but Trump and his press secretary spent Saturday whining and crying like sulking brats who realize everyone doesn’t think they’re special. It is not exactly what any sane human being would call being an adult, and behavior that no-one in America would regard as presidential.

Trump was incensed over the preponderance of truthful and accurate news reports, and honest-to-dog real images showing the number of people attending his inauguration was woefully lacking for an incoming White House occupant, much less a self-proclaimed demigod. Trump complained bitterly that the media use photographs of ‘an empty field’ to make it seem like no-one came to see him inaugurated. He said,

We caught them in a beauty, and I think they’re going to pay a big price.” There it is again; threats against the media for doing something completely foreign to deceitful Donny – reporting the truth.

Trump’s press secretary, sad Sean Spicer summoned an emergency press meeting, sans reporters’ questions, and lied in the White House briefing room claiming that his childish boss “had drawn the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.” It is a claim that, as the New York Times noted, “photographs clearly show to be false.” Why not be blunt and call Spicer’s claim a filthy lie? Just asking.

Spicer had a another lie prepared to dispute the many, many images from many, many locations and said that any photographs of the inaugural ceremonies that showed a less than a packed to overflowing Washington D.C. “were deliberately framed to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National Mall.”

Again the NYT failed to call Spicer or Trump liars, but in a very tepid journalistic defense one has to admit that they did say that Spicer or Trump “provided no proof of either assertion.” Why not just call Trump and Spicer liars? Oh, that’s right; because Trump’s ego wasn’t stroked by the press so he threatened that the media “is going to pay a big price” for being accurate in reporting the truth.

Earlier in the day the Trump had taken his petulance to the CIA where, after boasting about his self-deification, intelligence, self-importance, fame and historically humongous inauguration turnout, he complained about the media. Then he did what Trump does innately; he lied that “they [the media] sort of made it sound like I had a feud with the intelligence community.” Trump said:

I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth, and they sort of made it sound like I had a feud with the intelligence community. The reason you’re the No. 1 stop is, it is exactly the opposite. I love you, I respect you, there’s nobody I respect more.”

It is too bad for Trump that the fine folks at the CIA do not live a vacuum and have the same access to Trump’s ramblings as the media he hates or the rest of the population that doesn’t find the Internets or computers complicated. The CIA folks, at least those this author has met, are also renowned for possessing substantially more than above average intelligence and can tell when they are being played and lied to. As far as the media making it “sound like” he had a feud with the intelligence community, the media was not lying. As is always the case, Donald Trump was lying.

It is unclear what Trump considers a feud, but less than a week ago he compared the intelligence community to German Nazis; something that “outraged” outgoing CIA Director John Brennan and should have infuriated every American alive.

Mr. Brennan said, “What I do find outrageous is equating intelligence community with Nazi Germany. I do take great umbrage at that.”

In fact, Mr. Brennan also made a prescient statement that, although lost on the likes of any Trump, punctuates exactly what is wrong with the spoiled child living in the White House. Mr. Brennan said what any patriotic American already knows; “It’s more than just about Mr. Trump. It’s about the United States of America.”

That remark from Brennan is precisely what any member of the intelligence community, armed services, or average American for that matter, believes is why they serve their “country.” The intelligence community, like our fine military, serves the best interests of the United States of America, not any president and certainly not a lying spoiled brat like the real Donald J. Trump. When he realizes that fact, his ego will be hurt and he will again attack the intelligence community for not worshipping the ground he walks on.

Look, there are myriad reasons to detest Donald Trump and this column intends on spending no small amount of words elucidating each and every reason on every occasion possible. However, one reason should not be because there he is a petulant and spoiled rotten child crying like a baby that nobody likes him on his first full day sitting in the Oval Office; a place he, like any snot-nosed little rich kid, has no right even visiting without strict adult supervision much less working in alone.

Every person in America, and the world, likely comprehends that poor Donald Trump needs constant adulation and acts of obeisance even when he is being a cruel and inhumane liar; even if it is false praise. Every human being needs some sense of self-worth or there would be no reason for living; unless they are an enlightened Buddhist. However, the preponderance of human beings actually accomplish something, no matter how insignificant, that gives them a personal sense of worth. But they damn sure don’t cry like spoiled rich kids when the world fails to hang on their every utterance and cheer wildly even when they are being cruel or pathetically incompetent.

It is telling that for all the dire problems Trump spent a Friday morning speech claiming are plaguing America, instead of actually doing some work to help the people he said are living in a god-forsaken Hell-hole called America, he spent his first full day on the job complaining that the media makes it look like not everyone in the nation believes in his deity. Based on the record millions turning out to protest his existence, there are substantial millions of Americans who not only reject Trump’s greatness, they have rapidly learned to clearly loathe everything about the self-important bloviate; and who can blame them? Certainly not this author.

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