Reality Crushes Trump Lies On Women’s March And Inauguration TV Ratings

Oh, man reality bites when you’re President Donald Trump.

The man who can’t stand criticism or even the idea that Americans are free to disagree with him or indeed hold on to facts as if they are real things has lost out again to President Barack Obama and women.

The Women’s March was the second busiest day in Metro history, coming in second only to President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, according to Faiz Siddiqui, a Washington Post transportation reporter.

Yes, it’s true, the man Donald Trump is so jealous of and tried to destroy for eight years holds the Metro record. The Washington Post reported, “Metro set an all-time record for rail ridership on Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, 2009, with riders taking about 1,120,000 trips on the system, Metro officials said.”

Now we plummet down to the lowest Metro rides for an inauguration in at least 12 years, which was, you guessed it, Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Here’s the breakdown from the Washington Post:

Metro Ridership lowest for an inauguration in at least 12 years
Metro’s ridership numbers from this morning illustrated what many riders were seeing: sparse crowds and less hassle than usual for an Inauguration Day.
By 11 a.m., Metro said 193,000 trips had been taken on Metro on Inauguration Day. By contrast, ridership for President Obama’s 2009 inauguration was nearly three times that: 513,000 trips by 11 a.m. Friday’s ridership was the lowest for an inauguration in more than 12 years, with 2005 figures edging out this morning’s by about 4,000.

Trump tried to console himself Sunday morning with the TV ratings for his inauguration, but it turns out even there he fell behind Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

A chant heard during the Women’s March was, “We miss Obama. We need a leader. Not a creepy Tweeter.”

Beaten again by women and President Barack Obama.

This just goes to prove that winning an election isn’t everything; it’s just the beginning of Trump’s journey. That journey might prove to be his Party’s downfall.

Republicans will be busy saying numbers mean nothing and trying to shame peaceful protesters into silence. It’s true that Donald Trump focuses on his image way more than any real leader should and numbers aren’t everything.

But it’s also true that Donald Trump came into office with historically low approval ratings and he can’t afford to lose even a few more points. If he does, it will be very tough for him to carry out any of his promises and agenda.

Image: Jim Lawrence