On His 4th Day In Office Trump Wrecks The Environment With Keystone and Dakota Pipelines Action

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:52 pm

Donald Trump has signed an executive order moving the Keystone XL and Dakota pipeline projects forward, which means that on his fourth day in office President Trump has wrecked the environment.

The AP reported that Trump had signed the executive order:

Environmental groups are already vowing to fight.

David Turnbull, Campaigns Director at Oil Change International, said in a statement, “Both the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines will never be completed, no matter what President Trump and his oil-soaked cabinet try to do. Trump’s first days in office saw massive opposition, marking the beginning of four years of resistance to his dangerous policies. We stopped Keystone XL and Dakota Access before and we’ll do it again. These are fights Trump and his bullies won’t win.”

So far, as president, Trump has rolled back an interest rate cut for economically vulnerable homeowners, weakened health care for 30 million Americans, and vowed to take away health care from millions more disabled and poor Americans by block granting the Medicaid program.

Trump is taking actions that go against the will of the majority of Americans. As Lindsey Allen, Rainforest Action Network executive director said, “The people have spoken — against the KXL pipeline; against the Dakota Access Pipeline; against the trampling of Native American rights; and against the outdated and disastrous idea of investing in more fossil fuel….The fact is he does not have any sort of mandate. He lost the popular vote and millions of people marched against his ideas — not just in the U.S., but across the globe. He wants to push the lie that climate change is a hoax, but climate change very real and a huge threat to our planet and our communities.”

Those who treated the 2016 election that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were equally bad candidates are getting a dose of reality. It has only been four days, and Trump has taken actions that will harm millions of Americans and the environment that they live in.

America is quickly finding out exactly how bad a Trump administration is going to be.

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