Glenn Beck Attacks Women’s March as George Soros ‘Astroturf’ Rally

The ability of conservatives to delude themselves will never cease to amaze. Millions of women from all over showed up to protest Donald Trump in Washington D.C. this past weekend but all Glenn Beck can see is George Soros, radical Islam, and “astroturf.”

Yes, Glenn Beck thinks George Soros and “radical Islam” organized the whole thing. The dead giveaway for the deranged Beck must be the pink pussy hats favored by Islamic extremists. This is as absurd as Bill O’Reilly’s claim that women were “told to show up,” that it isn’t Trump who is totalitarian but the women who protested against him.

In fact, as the organizers explain,

The Women’s March on Washington began as an organically growing groundswell the day after the 2017 election when a grandmother in Hawaii proposed to forty of her friends to go march in Washington, D.C. nitially the name Million Women March was used, however, the name was quickly changed when its historical roots were brought to the founding members’ attention.

Beck raved about a post in The New York Times by Asra Nomani who says she voted for Donald Trump and believes “the liberals and the left have betrayed America.” According to this self-debunked source, “Soros has funded, or has close relationships” with organizations that participated in or supported the march.

And yes, Beck threatened to rant maniacally if that’s what it takes, to get the media to pay attention to him. Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

“I’m afraid tomorrow I have to go back to my chalkboard. We’ve been working on it this weekend. We’re going to give you some of the connections, we’re going to talk to the woman who wrote that article for The New York Times about the connections to George Soros and to radical Islam and have a talk with her. Tomorrow I’m bringing the chalkboard in because the connections are there and if you want to call me a conspiracy theorist again, you can; I’m not going to accuse anybody of anything, I’m just going to point out the facts because somebody has to and perhaps someone in the media will listen.”

Glenn Beck has long been at the forefront of fake news, even before anyone was calling it fake news. This latest outburst shows nothing has changed in Beck-land, despite his holiday tête-à-tête with Samantha Bee. When Beck pulls out his blackboard, nonsense is sure to follow, and that is exactly what his claims about the Women’s March are: nonsense.

I have reached out to the organizers of the Women’s March and will update this post if I hear back from them.

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