Trump Gets The Date Of His Own Inauguration Wrong In Photo Hung In The White House

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:52 pm

President Trump has found a photo that he likes so much of his inauguration that it will be displayed in the upper/lower press hall. Woot! Finally found a photo he likes of his inauguration on the 21st of January.

Oh, wait, what?

Yes, that’s right. Reality is taking such a beating from the Trump White House, it decided to change his Inauguration Day, Friday the 20th of January, to Saturday, the 21st of January, when D.C. had those historically large crowds. Those crowds protesting Donald Trump.

See a blown up photo of the date:

It isn’t that the photo isn’t real, it’s that the date is wrong. And shouldn’t someone have noticed this, especially since Trump is so upset about the protests that took place on that date?

This can’t be real, you keep saying to yourself. Oh, but it is. It’s really this bad. Perhaps the photographer who sent this to Trump was just trolling him, baiting him with a flattering image that rewrites reality, or offers “alternative” reality – that is, reality from a flattering perspective, and soothes the angered beast.

Ponder that whilst we watch the world crumble but take heart knowing that millions of women and supporters of women, the environment, the LGBT community, minorities, the disabled and more will not let this assault on their values go by without objection.

Because as you know, they were out in force on Saturday, the 21st of January.

But at least Trump has found something that will pick him up from your mean “demoralizing” of him, you horrible people who insist on reality meaning something. Sure the press might hang tight with facts, but this picture is everything to Trump.

He is loved. He is popular. Just look at the picture.

What is relevant about this isn’t just the confirmation that Donald Trump is thin-skinned and unsuited to the task at hand, but that this isn’t the first time such an obvious mistake has been overlooked by the people charged with paying attention to security briefings, nor is it the first time Trump has prioritized comforting his ego over reality. Is it too much to ask that someone monitor his personal Twitter account, at least check it for things like “honer” and “unpresidented,” at least while he is the President?

By hanging this in the press hall, Trump is really showing the press who’s boss. January 21st, people! Get it right, lying press.

Note: I took video of the Trump twitter timeline. Yes, this is real.

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