CNN Destroys Trump Supporting Congressman Over Bogus Voter Fraud Investigation

CNN’s Chris Cuomo turned Rep. Chris Collins’ (R-NY) argument for Trump’s bogus fraud investigation into rubble, as he showed how the media should handle President Trump and his supporters.


CNN’s Chis Cuomo suggested that the investigation was a waste of taxpayer money on a claim that isn’t true, “My money, your money, is going to go to an investigation on something (for which) we don’t have a shred of proof. And now we’re going to waste our money taking a look at something because it someone’s bruised ego? Is that what this is about?”

The most telling exchange of the interview suggested to Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) that the same investigate without evidence standard being used by Trump be applied to investigating Congress.

Transcript of the exchange:

In short, any calls to investigate Congress should not be held to the same fact-free standard that Trump is using on voter fraud.

Rep. Collins also admitted that he has no evidence of voter fraud, and tried to change the subject to voter fraud in local elections, which there is also no evidence of, because people do not cast separate ballots for local, state, and federal elections.

Trump and his wounded ego have derailed the Republican agenda and forced Congress to go off on a voter fraud wild goose chase. The larger motive behind the Trump claims is that it provides him and his party with the justification that they need to implement national voter ID.

There were only four documented cases of voter fraud in the 2016 election. Half of the four involved Trump voters.

CNN and Chris Cuomo handled this story perfectly. Confront and challenge Trump and ever Republican who is supporting this bogus waste of taxpayer money. The media is showing signs that they are not going to let Trump and the Republicans turn the United States into a fact-free country.

Thanks to Donald Trump, Republicans are going to have to admit in every interview that their president has no evidence for his wild voter fraud claims. The whole fiasco is proof that the best asset that Democrats have in delegitimizing the new president is the open mouth of Donald J. Trump.