New Poll Shows More Americans Support Women’s March Demonstrators Than Donald Trump

Donald Trump and his supporters weren’t happy when millions of Americans all across the country responded to his inauguration by participating in massive demonstrations. A new survey debuted on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show on Wednesday is likely to make those fresh wounds sting a little more.

The poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that more Americans have a favorable opinion of the women who marched during Trump’s inaugural weekend – 50 percent – than they do of the new president, who only 44 percent of respondents support. Trump’s disapproval rating – 50 percent – is also historically high for a new president.

Another finding in the poll is that the American people are clearly not buying the Trump administration’s lies – or “alternative facts” – that the president’s inauguration was the largest in history.

It wasn’t historically large, and 62 percent of the American people acknowledged that fact, according to the poll. A majority – 54 percent – even concede that the Women’s March was much larger.


Where things get particularly dicey is when the pollster surveyed just Trump voters. This is where the president’s supporters show just how detached from reality they are.

According to the poll, Trump loyalists say their man’s inauguration crowd was larger than the Women’s March and Obama’s inaugurations. A small plurality of Trump supporters even said that his inauguration “had the biggest crowd in history.”


One area where mainstream Americans and Trump supporters do agree, though, is on the subject of Russia and Vladimir Putin. While Trump has consistently offered praise for the country and its leader, a strong majority of Americans abandoned him on this question, expressing strong disapproval of Russia and its president, according to PPP.


Returning back home, the news doesn’t get any better for the new president. The poll examined how voters feel about Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the southern border of the United States. This was the centerpiece of Trump’s campaign, but a majority – 53 percent – oppose it.

Other key findings:

  • 59 percent of Americans want to see Trump’s tax returns
  • 54 percent support enacting a law to require future candidates to release 5 years of tax returns
  • 61 percent feel the president should divest from his business interests

There is very little, if anything, in the data to give the new administration hope that they have the support of the American people or widespread support for their agenda.

Instead, it proves – as does the decisive popular vote margin – that most Americans didn’t want this man to be president and don’t support the agenda he ran on.