Even Trump’s Chief of Staff Steve Bannon Wasn’t Guilty of Voter Fraud

Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist Steven Bannon isn’t guilty of voter fraud, even though he was registered to vote in two states, one of them at an address where he reportedly didn’t reside.

Ron Turner, a Sarasota elections official told the Miami Herald that the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections office removed Bannon from the voter roll today, based on information they received from the New York City Board of Elections.

President Trump’s call for an investigation into virtually non-existent voter fraud is a sad and obvious case of projection given that many of the few documented cases of actual voter fraud were people voting for Donald Trump, some of them seeming to be motivated to vote twice to make up for the imaginary voter fraud Trump drummed up for them on the trail.

That’s quite a trail of alternative facts.

But it’s instructive that even Steve Bannon is not guilty of voter fraud. He did not vote twice, he simply was registered in two states. Many people do this; many voters fail to cancel their old registration.

Yet this is exactly the kind of instance Trump is clinging to as problematic since he can’t come up with any evidence that there is widespread voter fraud that would account for his loss of the popular vote.

This witch hunt Trump wants to go on against voter fraud is a transparent attempt to obstruct voters who didn’t vote for him. As I wrote Wednesday morning after Trump announced his plan to call for a big investigation into imaginary voter fraud, this is just like an abuser saying “If I can’t have you, no one can.”

If we give Steve Bannon the benefit of the doubt, that there was no bad intent on his part, and there isn’t indication that there was even though he reportedly didn’t live at the house where he was registered, it goes to demonstrate just how ridiculous this waste of taxpayer money is going to be.