Trump Booed And Met With Shouts Of “We Hate You,” And “Go Home” in Philadelphia

Donald Trump arrived in Philadephia, and the unpopular president was greeted with boos, shouts of “We hate you,” and “Go home.”

White House pool reporter, David Nakamura of The Washington Post described Trump’s arrival at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia:

Motorcade arrived at Loews Hotel in Philadelphia at 12:33 pm. Streets were lined with onlookers. A few protest signs and people holding thumbs down or giving the middle finger salute to the motorcade. Signs included “Marching forward not back.” and “Easier to get a gun than education”

Crowds with protesters deepened near the hotel. Police blocked the crowds so the motorcade could get through. Boos were heard as pool exited vans and shouts of “We hate you” and “Go home” were overheard, presumably directed at the motorcade.

Here is video of the protesters gathered outside of City Hall:

The protesters that met Trump as he arrived in the city:

Judging by Trump’s terrible approval ratings and the fact that most voters think that he will be the worst president since Richard Nixon, the majority of America is likely in agreement with the protesters in Philadelphia.

All presidents face protesters, but the Trump protesters are a direct reflection of the sort of hate and division that defines his political style. The Philadelphians who didn’t want Trump in their city echo the majority of voters who didn’t want Trump to be their president.

The not my president movement is alive and well in Philadelphia.